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Hi. I’m Janine.
I have terminal cancer.
I’m also Dr Janine Hayward,
Chartered Clinical Psychologist. 
I love helping people develop their psychological flexibility, resilience and to get the most out of their lives.
A bit about me:

A British New Zealander based in London, United Kingdom, I am married, addicted to good coffee, thrive on cycling, yoga, skiing (when I can) and travelling.  My friends and family are diverse, inspiring and kind.  I feel incredibly fortunate.

My work:

`With work, I am lucky to have found my ‘thing’ with psychology; a relief as 10 years of academic study and clinical training is quite a commitment!  I founded a private psychology practice called ComposurePsychology.  It is growing rapidly and supports more people each day to overcome difficult events, stresses and mental health challenges.


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Netball and diagnosis:

My love of living found me taking up netball again for the first time in 20+ years.  Three weeks and games in, I discovered I was breathless, wheezing and bewildered.  I wasn’t unfit yet felt energy-less.  I’d never had asthma yet was struggling to breathe.  Something wasn’t right.  I went to the doctor and in February 2017, I was told I have Multiple Myeloma, cancer of the plasma calls, a blood and bone cancer.

How I use this blog:

I use this blog to share my cancer journey, to keep friends, family and readers up to date with my progress. I also share psychological tips about what I have found helps me and the clients I work with that are living with cancer, to live well.  This is despite the uncertainty, loss and distress, that cancer can bring into our lives.  Read more about my pre diagnosis journey and what happened next, here in my first ever posts, starting with Before Diagnosis and Special.

Warning: My blog is raw, honest and as transparent as possible about the realities, obstacles and challenges of living with cancer and treatment.
My dreams:

I have a number of dreams (because I’m a little greedy like that):

  1. People living with and impacted by cancer gain access to psychological help that supports them to cope and live well in a healthy way that suits them best.  If that means acknowledging feeling low and finding language different from ‘the fight’ or ‘survivor’, so be it!
  2. Going to a Clinical Psychologist for talking therapy be as normal as getting your hair cut, taking language lessons, doing a regular work out or engaging with a podcast, netflix or amazon prime tv show.
  3. People embrace the idea that looking after your mind through regular training and therapy is as important as looking after your body.
Thank you and links…

Thank you for reading.  Do subscribe (top right on this page), like the facebook page, share this blog with your friends and family and ask any questions or comment.  I would enjoy hearing from you.

Here is the link to my first ever post Before Diagnosis and Special   The next blog in order (and previous) appear at the very end of each post or can be found under the month headings on the right hand side of the page.

Here is the link to my private clinical psychology practice if you or anyone you know might benefit from talking therapy to help overcome and manage distress Composure Psychology

I hope this blog makes a genuine positive difference for you even in a small way.

Take care out there
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March 11th, 2017 by Janine